It is a consultancy website about international aducation as foreign language schools, work and travel, summer schools, universities, master programs.At the same time offers some holiday tours for young people with cooperate with is an e-portal which is specialized about health and religious tourism in Turkey.It offers informations as videos, articles and cultural tips about Turkey and its cities for website users. is an e-portal which serves flight tickets, hotel booking, car rental, travel insurance and events various cities for all around the world.Meanwhile portal offers information about the countries, cities, visa application and more to travellers.
Hotel Booking Corporate and individual clients all over the world for hotel booking services are provided.
Travel Insurance Travel insurance for your holiday travel during the holiday will encounter all kinds of problems in the body and in medical, alternative products to suit every budget and help protect you travel your reassurance.
Car Rental Online and agencies, institutional and individual customers through all over the world ready to be car rental services are provided.
Visa Application For all the nations of the world in accordance with the demands of the visa application process as well as consulting services related to the application process is managed and monitored to result in a positive way is.
Corporate Services Negotiated for corporate customers in the vacation and business travel serves a wide range of travel products.
B2B System Section IATA certified travel agency in tourism, but T√úRSAB non-IATA member agencies to document sub-agency system is also open online sales channels.